For a majority of us, we have set ourselves the goal to lose weight and be healthier in 2019. However, as we creep further into the year, that resolution may seem like all but a distant memory.

While it may be easy enough to simply abandon the goals you had, there is a number of simple ways to work towards what you really want from your health and fitness.

Be realistic

It might sound like a great idea to sign up for the 10km fun run happening next month, but if you haven’t even run 500 metres in the last year it’s unlikely that’s going to happen so soon.

It’s admirable to aim high but to avoid setting yourself up for failure, don’t put too much pressure on yourself or set unrealistic expectations.

Give yourself small, but achievable goals e.g. follow a running plan that helps you build up to that longer distance, or if weight loss is a priority, aim for 0.5kg a week instead of expecting to drop 5kgs instantly.

By being realistic it’s more likely you’ll achieve your overall goal in the long run and be able to maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Get a gym buddy

If the gym isn’t a natural setting for you and the thought of going at it alone intimidates you, find a friend that has similar goals.

It’s best if you both find a class or gym routine that you both enjoy and that way you can not only get in some socialising, but provide one another with support and motivation necessary to achieve your fitness aspirations.

Plan ahead

Forward planning not only applies to meal prep, but also gym time. If you can, schedule your gym sessions into your diary in an effort to keep yourself on track and accountable.

Start by finding 3-4 days in the week that work best for you and allocate them to gym. Think of this as “me time” – a short period of time during the week that is specifically for you and your wellness.With that being said, don’t overload your schedule.

You need to give yourself a break at some point, so don’t feel guilty about having a day off gym here and there. We all have busy lives and some days you may just feel like lying on the couch – that’s okay too!

Choose an activity you enjoy

There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to do something at the gym that you hate. However, if you’re new to the fitness game, give everything a go once so you can figure out what you do and don’t like.

Try all the classes the gym has to offer, and give some time to cardio and weights too.By keeping an open mind, you may find that you actually really enjoy boxing or yoga more than you thought.

But if you’ve tried running on the treadmill and it’s not your cup of tea, stick to what you do like.Making exercise enjoyable is important if you want to achieve your fitness goals, whether this is weight loss or muscle gain.

Keep yourself accountable

If you can, tracking your exercise via a fitness device (such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch) is a perfect way to keep yourself accountable and gives you the opportunity to see how far you have come.Even free apps such as the MyFitnessPal, Nike Training and Lorna Jane that allow you to track your PBs, weight loss, gains and exercise is an ideal way to stay on the straight and narrow.

Fuel your body

More than just exercise, your 2019 fitness and health journey should also include eating well.

Forget trendy diets and “fat free” foods, and start by fueling your body with fresh, real food including lean meats, fresh fish, vegetables and fruit.

Ditch the foods with additives and chemicals, and importantly avoid starving yourself. Being restrictive is not going to do anything other than slow your metabolism and increase your cravings.

Also, be sure to increase your water intake. Staying hydrated is the key to health, not just when exercising but throughout the day too.

Sunshine Plaza’s new health and wellbeing precinct is home to Anytime Fitness (open 24/7) and a number of fresh food stores that can help you achieve your health goals in 2019.