Autumn has arrived at Sunshine Plaza

The change of season brings us crisp mornings, clear skies, a freshness in the air and an abundance of delicious seasonal produce. March 1 marked the end of summer, and as we prepare for the warm weather to completely escape us, we brace ourselves for the imminent colder months.

Get prepared for the cooler weather

Days will begin to get shorter as it cools towards winter time. Over the next few weeks, make the most out of that additional golden hour just before sunset. Get ready to wind your clocks backwards as daylight savings officially ends at 2am on Sunday 7 April.

As a transitional period, the cooler weather creeps in and many of us will soon be in the market for a warmer winter wardrobe. Get prepared and add some extra layers to your outfit with a range of reasonably priced knits, outerwear and apparel available within the fashion retailers at Sunshine Plaza.

Sunshine’s seasonal produce guide

The bounties of Autumn provide us with some of the most delicious fresh produce of the year with generous amounts of fruits and vegetables available. Autumnal produce is at its best from March through to May. Because of the large quantity of choices, it’s easy and budget-friendly to create a variety of meals with seasonal ingredients.

Flavours of autumn:

  • Avocado
  • Eggplant
  • Cauliflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Beetroot

Speak with your local greengrocer at Vicfields Fresh Food Market to find out what other produce is in season at Sunshine Plaza. By shopping locally, the produce is fresher, tastier, cheaper and often healthier.

Time for a massage

Getting a therapeutic or deep tissue massage could be the perfect way to brace our bodies for the cold. Massage therapy has major benefits including boosting immunity, releasing toxins from the body and improving blood circulation. Enjoy a massage treatment as a means to increase your immune defence during this time of year where many of us fend off the dreaded seasonal sniffles. Get ahead of the game and prepare your body for peak cold and flu season beginning April.

Visit Yang’s Chinese Medicine Centre or Beijing Massage in Sunshine Plaza to discuss your next treatment.